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最近review了一下公司里不同团队的时间开销,发现各种各样的会议占据了工程师团队的很大一部分的时间。怎么有效的开团队会议(>= 3 人)呢?Andy同学做了一个很好的training, 把里面的一些内容拿出来跟大家分享一下:

0. 开会或者不开会,这是一个问题


1. 会议组织者,要提前做好准备

Why – Objectives

Who – Required/Optional

What – Agenda/Background

Where – Meeting room

When – Invite in advance, time slot

How – Facilities

2. 参会者,要提前做好准备工作

Prepare yourself

  • Confirm the purpose of the meeting
  • Know your role
  • Background, feedback, comments and questions


  • Accept
  • Decline
  • Tentative
  • Propose new time


Be on time (Arrive 5 minutes earlier if possible)
Let everyone know who is in the meeting
Make sure someone is taking notes
Let everyone know the goal/objective of the meeting
Control the meeting

  • Stick to the agenda, don’t go too far, don’t let the meeting hijacked
  • If someone starts to dominate, bring the person under control
  • Make sure we reach the meeting objectives
  • Decisions, Agreements, Plans, Schedules, etc.
  • Time Keeper

Make sure action items are specific enough

  • What, Who, When

4. 会后,有会议记录和行动点跟踪

Send out meeting minutes with summary, action items in time

Keep track the work items if necessary


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 09.23.35


BTW: 看到一篇关于如何开会的文章, 《极限会议: 原则与实践》,有兴趣的可以瞅瞅

极限会议: 原则与实践