Fail to upgrade Samsung Gear S2

Here is the problem when I try to upgrade gear s2 to the latest version:

  • hardware: Gear S2 Classic, SM-R732
  • software: R732XXU2CPC5
  • error: upgrade fails at 17% every time, then s2 will reboot automatically


  1. use NetOdin to flash S2 to a old version (R732XXU2BOKK)
  2. use Gear Manager to upgrade S2, OTA

Now the new version is R732XXU2DPFB. It might also be possible to upgrade to this version directly. But I did not find this firmware for netOdin.

Here are steps to upgrade S2 using NetOdin:

1. short press power button: navigation; 
2. long press power button: select

Note: after 3 seconds idle, system will reboot, so please be quick

1. 手表充满电,关机.
power off

2. 长按开机键7秒钟,等到出现“Rebooting...”字样时,快速连续按三下开机键,进入一个启动模式选择菜单。
long press power button for 7 seconds, S2 will start with "Rebooting...", quick press power button for 3 times, enter recovery mode

3. 在这个“Select REBOOT MODE”菜单下,不要多要多停留,直接连续短按电源键向下选择到第三项“Download(wireless)”。
short press power button to navigate to "Download(Wireless)"

4. 停留在“Download(wireless)”项目上,再长按电源键进入无线刷机模式。
stop on "Download(Wireless)", then long press power button to enter wireless odin mode

5. 此时手表默认显示为(WPS连接模式),我们需要短按两下返回键,切换为(AP连接模式)。
short press back button twice, wireless mode will be switch to AP mode
then all operation on S2 side have been finished. the rest part will be done on PC

6. use your laptop to connect to S2's AP

7. use netOdin to flash S2 (AP, BL, CSC)




Tutorials to use netOdin3: (in Chinese)

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