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Did you mean to go to 一个乱七八糟的网址。点击进去之后,是联通的一个网页导航的网站。

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 21.35.12研究了半天,原来是chrome的一个机制,被联通给没有节操的利用了,导致每次都出来这么一个弹出条。


It's not really Chrome's fault. Chrome is just looking up what you typed in the address bar as though it were the name of a server, and if it finds something, it offers to take you there. If not for this feature, there would be no way to access the host named "tubes" (for example) on your local network. 

The problem is that your ISP is running a domain "helper" that responds in the affirmative to every server it's asked about. So when Chrome asks if 'tubes' exists, your ISP is saying, yes, I've got that right here. If you click on the omnibox, I strongly suspect that you'll be taken to a landing page owned by your ISP. 

If you don't like this behavior, you can sometimes turn it off with a control panel somewhere in your ISP's settings (on Comcast, for example, there's a link from the landing page). You can also configure your computer to use Google's public DNS, avoiding your ISP's DNS games entirely:

把路由器上缺省的DNS改成了114.114.114.114 和阿里的223.6.6.6,问题就解决了