OpenShift提供了免费的FreeShift和增值的MegaShift. FreeShift提供了3个small gears, 对于一般的小应用,应该也足够用了

FreeShift is the name of the free tier that is offered on OpenShift Online.

3 small gears per user account per month and use of the available cartridges.

We plan to offer small gears for FreeShift and small and medium gears for MegaShift. In the future we may offer larger gears at other tiers.

RAM Disk Cost / hour
Small 512 MB RAM 1 GB disk $0.05 / hour
Medium 1 GB RAM 1 GB disk $0.12 / hour

We plan to offer MegaShift as a paid tier on OpenShift Online that provides larger capacity. Please see the pricing page for more information.


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