How to implement UI testing without shooting yourself in the foot


作者是明显不认同做UI automation testing的,但是很多人都愿意这么做,所以作者也给出了几条做UI automation testing的原则。

Things to remember

To avoid shooting yourself in the foot with UI tests, remember these things:

* Think about UI test automation at three levels: business rules, user interface workflow and technical activity
* Even if the user interface workflow automation gets implemented in plain text, make sure to put one level of abstraction above it and describe business rules directly. Don’t describe rules as workflows (unless they genuinely deal with workflow decisions – and even then it’s often good to describe individual decisions as state machines).
* Even if the user interface workflow automation gets implemented in code, make sure to separate technical activities required to fulfil a step into a separate layer. Reuse these step definitions to get stability and easy maintenance later.
* Beware of programming in plain text.

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